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Sucor Sekuritas was established in Surabaya in 1989. In a short time, Sucor Sekuritas earned a reputation as one of the leading company's equity brokerage, fixed income, investment banking and research. Along with the development, coverage Sucor Sekuritas grown to offer online trading and asset management services.

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Sucor Sekuritas was founded in Surabaya in 1989. At the time, the Surabaya Stock Exchange only consisted of 40 members, daily transaction value and volume were quite small, the trades were noted with a whiteboard, and the investors still receive shares in paper form.

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Sucor Sekuritas decided to become members of the exchange Jakarta Stock Exchange.

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Obtain Underwriting Permission from the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia.

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The head office is moved to Jakarta in order to gauge a bigger market and more opportunities. In the same year, the company expanded its business line & service to Investment Banking & Underwriting. Bank DKI was its first customer.

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The monetary crisis hit Asia. While a lot suffered due to the effect of Rupiah devaluation and bad credit, Sucor Sekuritas saw a silver lining. “We saw a shift in demand/needs from our clients. Prior to the crisis, they required funding for expansion. During the crisis, they are in need of restructuring service, and we could facilitate it”. From there onwards, Sucor Sekuritas's business has grown potentially along with the customers’ trust and market confidence.

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Sucor Sekuritas played an important role as a trusted Selling Agent for the Indonesian Government Bond.

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Sucor Personal Online Trading (SPOT) is launched with the view to open the access for Indonesian community to the capital market. SPOT is created as an innovative and user-friendly trading platform.

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In line with the effort to improve the community’s engagement with investing in the capital market, Sucor Sekuritas launched the “One Million Investor” campaign.

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Received the Best IPO Deal of The Year in South East Asia for Retail Investor 2014 for its performance as an underwriter for PT. Wijaya Karya Beton and others.

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Supported by a competent and experienced team, Sucorinvest Asset Management received a lot of awards and acknowledgements for its products’ performance. One of which is the Best Mutual Fund Award for Reksa Dana Campuran Sucorinvest Flexi Fund from Infovesta and Investor magazine, first place for Reksa Dana Saham konvensional and Sharia from Kontan and Bareksa.

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Equipped with a wide network and in-depth knowledge on the local market, Sucorinvest is prepared to reach their vision to become a highly valued financial institution in Indonesia. Supported by well-experienced talents, our Research team has issued a lot of products, including: Extreme On The Ground, Morning Brew and company’s statements with international standards.

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Our Client

We are trusted to support public and private companies to improve their income, by way of Initial Public Offerings, debt issuance, private placement, medium term notes issuance, REPO and mergers and acquisition. A few of the noted entities are: PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk, PT Mitrabara Adiperdana Tbk, PT UltraJaya, PT Intiland Development Tbk, PT Aneka Gas Industri Tbk, PT Impack Pratama, Industry Tbk, PT Mayora Indah Tbk. In early 2017, Sucor Sekuritas is first place in Bond League Table Bloomberg.

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We Change To Be Better

29 years in the industry with an impressive track record, we strive to build and support the Indonesian capital market by continuously improving ourselves. We renew our spirit to be more creative, more agile and more modern in order to keep up with market growth and enable us to deliver the best service and performance for our customers and partners.

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To be the most valuable financial services company in Indonesia.
- Provide quality financial solutions as needed by our investors.
- Build a society is well-informed and savety about their investment.

To be the best local partner and create value for all our stakeholders :
- To be the best local partner and create value for all our stakeholders :
- To become the number one investment partner for professionals.

Lindrawati Widjojo

President Commissioner


Lindrawati Widjojo

President Commissioner

Lindrawati Widjojo is the President Commissioner and the founder of PT Sucor Sekuritas. Lindrawati Widjojo graduated with a Bachelor degree in Accountancy from Airlangga University, Surabaya, in 1989 and is fully licensed as a Broker Dealer, Underwriter and Investment Manager. Under her guidance, the company has grown and develop into a full service securities company.

Bagus Abimanyu Lulu

President Director


Bagus Abimanyu Lulu

President Director

He earned a Bachelor of Accounting from Airlangga University Surabaya in 1997 and continued his education at the University of Leeds in the UK and earned a Degree of Master of Arts in Accounting and Finance in 2002. He is certified by the TICMI Broker-Dealer Representative.

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